US Senators urge FIFA to take 2018 World Cup away from Russia


13 U.S. Senators have written to FIFA, world soccer’s governing body, to ask for the 2018 World Cup to be moved out of Russia.

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A year has past since Russian troops and Russian-backed rebels forced their way into Ukraine and have taken control of large chunks of the former Soviet nation.

Senators such as Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson, Illinois Democrat Richard Durbin and Arizona Republican John McCain were part of the letter sent this week, as they asked FIFA to move the World Cup out of Russia amid 40 nations around the world have placed sanctions on Russia for the “ongoing violations of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

The letter asks for an extraordinary general meeting to discuss the topic of moving the 2018 World Cup to another nation, as tournament would “provide economic relief” to Russia. What have FIFA got to say about all of this? Spokeswomen Delia Fischer believes the World Cup can have a positive impact on Russia.

“We have seen that the FIFA World Cup can be a force for good,” Fischer said, “and FIFA believes this will be the case for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.”

The big issue here is that will the U.S. national team, and plenty of others around the world, boycott the World Cup in Russia? With letters like this, the tension will continue to rise and unless Russia sorts out its differences with Ukraine way before 2018, then plenty of countries around the world will be facing tricky decisions as to whether or not they should compete in the World Cup.

From FIFA’s point of view, could the World Cup be moved to another country at short notice? Of course it could. , The U.S., England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Australia, Japan and several other countries in South America could hold the event at a few months notice.