Jose Mourinho on Raheem Sterling’s rejected contract: ‘Every player has a price’

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Raheem Sterling is a rare young talent, and Liverpool desires to keep the youngster at Anfield so long as an increased salary intrigues the burgeoning star.

However, the 20-year-old was recently offered a new contract with the Reds, one that increased his earnings by $100,000-a-week, and he turned it down, citing that he’s not a “money-grabbing” kid.

Sterling has tallied six goals and seven assists in the England’s top-flight this season, and has certainly displayed his magnificent vision and playmaking prowess on the offensive end.

Saying he plays soccer for the glory of winning, Sterling may have opened himself up for a transfer to other sides that would give the Englishman a more immediate opportunity than Liverpool can.

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Among the teams to recently express their interest in Sterling, per reports from English papers, are Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

While manager Brendan Rodgers dispelled the notion that Sterling would be elsewhere for next season, Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho discussed the situation and used Eden Hazard’s latest extension to support his case.

“Every player has a price. It doesn’t matter which player,” said Mourinho. “If you ask me now, for example, Eden Hazard, we can speak about him because he’s signed a new contract.

“Do I want him to leave Chelsea? No. If he wants to leave, if he doesn’t want to work with me, if he doesn’t want to play for Chelsea, does Eden Hazard have a price? I think he has a price.

“My philosophy is not better than that – it’s just different. Either way, when a player has a contract with a club, the club, the manager and the board have the power to decide what to do.”

As far as we know, Sterling is happy enough at Liverpool–a squad that can compete for trophies most definitely–and should remain there until Fall 2015 at least. But the Reds’ inability to hold their ground in the top five at the end of the year could undermine his spirit moving forward.