Sir Alex Ferguson: Only goal-line technology is necessary


Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, considered among the most dynamic soccer bosses of all-time, has stated his opinion on the extensive use of technology during Premier League competitions.

On the heels of Nigel Pearson’s calling-out of debatable refereeing in Leicester City’s 4-3 defeat to Spurs, the discussion on the utilization of technology has resurfaced.

Pearson had also appealed for more of an emphasis on technology earlier in the year, when two controversial penalty kicks from Liverpool caused a draw on New Year’s Day.

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However, the 73-year-old Ferguson, who won 38 trophies in his 26-year tenure at United, believes that the modern age of soccer should include goal-line replay and nothing more than that.

Valuing the non-stop nature of soccer, he also once manned the sidelines during a time devoid of most current technology, as the majority of squads either trusted or accepted the officials’ power to alter a game’s outcome.

“Technology will advance the game, I suppose. But you can’t have too many things because then it takes a lot of power away from the referees, at which case it becomes a bit of a shambles because the game is stop-start, stop-start and you cannot have that,” Ferguson said to SiriusXM FC’s channel.

“Goal-line technology is fine. Let’s just leave it there. I don’t think you can introduce it for things they are talking about like free kicks, or yellow and red cards. I think it becomes really difficult.”

Ferguson’s view is certainly understandable, considering how many penalties aren’t necessarily as objective and straight-forward as we think.

In the end, though, if one moment is integral to a result, slowing down the game to take a second look should be possible.