Ramsey, Pearson hopeful as QPR, Leicester tighten the relegation battle


Coming into Saturday, the Premier League’s relegation battle seemed to be a pretty straightforward matter — Leicester City (then on 19 points from 29 games) and Queen Park Rangers (22 from 30 games) were in desperate need of miracles that looked highly unlikely to come, in order to avoid going down this season.

During Saturday’s round of games, a couple small miracles began to take shape, as Nigel Pearson’s Leicester and Chris Ramsey’s QPR picked up massively important victories over West Ham United and West Bromwich Albion, respectively.

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Ramsey and Pearson were, predictably, quite pleased with their respective side’s performance and full of hope that they were well on their way to making the great escape.

Ramsey (above video): “I’m very, very pleased. We had a similar performance last week, but we didn’t take our chances, and today we did. Still a little bit disappointed we didn’t manage to keep a clean sheet. … [This win] helps us morale-wise. Unfortunately we’re in a position now where we do need to look at what [the teams above QPR] are doing, but we know we need to get some points in the next two games. It’s going to be crucial.”

Pearson (below video): “We’ve been on the receiving end of a number of decisions and situations which have been difficult to take. If we get one or two back, I’ll make no apologies for that. … Before we played today, with nine games left and six at home, we know that we’ve got to produce. Today is a start, hopefully of different fortunes.”