Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Four-game suspension “a disgrace to football”


Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the third highest goal scorer in Ligue 1, is a significant piece to the winning expectations of French giant Paris Saint-Germain.

So, his forced absence–a four-game suspension due to a supposed outburst at a referee during PSG’s loss at Bordeaux in March–will make his team’s road to preserving first place that much difficult.

PSG is one point ahead of Lyon in the top spot, but will need to sustain quality showings in order to get the best out of their next four competitions against Nice, Lille, Metz and Nantes.

The French club released a statement on their website that defended Ibrahmovic’s actions and called out the disciplinary commissions “disproportionate sanctions”.

Also believing he was not in the wrong, the high-paid star expressed his frustration regarding the penalties imposed on him.

“I was pleased as this proves what I have been saying. Now people can see for themselves, with their own eyes, instead of me just saying it,” Ibrahimovic said, from ESPN FC.

“The whole situation has become a farce — ridiculous and unprofessional. A disgrace to football…My words are not aimed at the referee. We had a normal conversation and he has confirmed this. If my words had been aimed at the ref I would have apologised when it happened.

“I would have been even happier if they had suspended me for the rest of the season so I could have gone on holiday already.”

Even though the former Barcelona man’s comments were not necessarily intended to attack the referee personally, it seems like his statements, video here, are within bounds for a suspension, though a four game penalty is debatable.

Frustration boils over for professional players at times, and it’s understandable. When you’re Ibrahimovic, a highly skilled, competitive player attempting to live up to a lucrative contract, emotions can be tense when faced with failure.