British track star challenges Arsenal speedster to race

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English sprinter Richard Kilty saw reports that Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin ran a 4.42 40-meter-dash time. He isn’t buying it.

Kilty, who won gold at the 2014 World Indoor Championships in the 60-meter sprint by posting a 6.42, is livid that the media is making things like this up, or so he says.

Bellerin’s reported time was apparently faster than known speedster Theo Walcott, who had previously been dubbed the fastest at the Emirates, so Kilty decided to challenge them both to the race. And he wants to put a heap of cash on the line to spice up the proposal.

Rawr. Needless to say, somebody is upset.

It’s unlikely that Bellerin or Walcott would accept, given the risk of injury and the public spectacle it would become, and even if they did, it’s extremely unlikely they would put a heap of money on the race.

While incredibly fast, Bellerin’s 40 time isn’t that out of the ordinary. 40 meters is equivalent to just over 43 yards. So while the 40-yard dash and British equivalent isn’t exact, the comparison is quite close. At the most recent NFL Combine, 10 players posted a 4.42 or better in the 40-yard dash, including JJ Nelson’s 4.28. Many English journalists are quick to dismiss Bellerin’s 40 time by saying it’s faster than Usain Bolt reached 40 meters in his world record 100 yard dash, but that’s a poor comparison since those sprinters aren’t turning on the afterburners until the final third or so of that competition.

Kilty isn’t the only track star fired up about this subject. Former sprinter and member of the English bobsled team Craig Pickering wrote a full blog post on why he doesn’t buy the posted time.