Monaco boss Jardim calls loss to Juventus “a grave injustice”


Juventus controlled 64% of possession and created the better of the opportunities, but Monaco boss Leonardo Jardim still believes the result was “a grave injustice.”

Jardim is referring to the penalty kick that was awarded to Juventus in the 57th minute, which was converted by Arturo Vidal and ended up being the game winner.

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As Andrea Pirlo played a long ball over the top of the Monaco defense, Ricardo Carvalho tracked back to try and mark Alvaro Morata. As both players had their eyes on the ball, they clipped ankles and Morata went down.

While there was clearly contact and the play was a foul, Jardim believes the contact was initiated outside of the box, and therefore should have resulted in a free kick rather than a penalty.

This result is a grave injustice. The penalty should not have been awarded.

The result was created by an incorrect decision by the team (of officials) that referees. This result is not a fair reflection of what happened on the field.”

After watching the slow-motion replay, it does appear that contact started outside the box, but only by a fraction. At full speed, it is very difficult to tell.

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Despite the call, Monaco’s defense has still only conceded eight times in nine Champions League matches. Headed back to France for the second leg, they will now need the offense to contribute down a goal on aggregate.

Monaco must win at home by at least two goals to advance to the semifinals. The last time Juventus played away from home in the Champions League, they dominated in a 3-0 win over Borussia Dortmund.