Tim Sherwood sends 6-year-old fan response to managerial job application

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Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood nearly missed out on the job. At least, that’s what he told 6-year-old Charlie Pye.

The young Villa fan applied for the job in an adorable letter to club executive Tom Fox when former manager Paul Lambert left the club, but Villa ultimately went with Sherwood to replace him, just edging out Pye, who had a winning mentality and far lower demands.

Clearly with a little help from his parents, Pye penned the letter that outlined his plans for team improvement, what he would bring to the team, and what compensation he would as for.

“I think my team talks would be very good and my tactics would be excellent. We need to stop the goals by getting in the way. We need to score more by shooting on target. This is a winning formula, so my dad says. As for payment on taking the job, all I ask is for a signed claret and blue football, a WWE wrestling figure and some sweets. As a win bonus each week, I would want a Twix. I would appoint my mum and dad as assistant managers so they can drive me to the training ground each day. My mum is also very good at making bacon sandwiches for the players if that helps. If I am successful, I would also need you to tell my school that I don’t need to attend anymore as I have a job.”

Honestly, the kid had me at bacon sandwiches.

Unfortunately, Pye was not selected for the job, but Sherwood sent the boy a personalized letter explaining that he narrowly missed out on the position, and that he might be in contention in the future should the former Tottenham manager not work out.

It explained to Pye how “it is clear to see that you would indeed be an ideal candidate for the job” and “I’m informed that I just managed to pip you to the post so you were very close to being offered the job.” Sherwood asked the boy for his permission to “keep the letter on file just incase” things should not work out with Sherwood’s managerial tenure.

As far as publicity stunts go (which this obviously is), it’s an A+ for Aston Villa.