David Silva may have escaped the worst following scary injury


Manchester City winger David Silva appears to have escaped serious injury following a scary moment in the club’s 2-0 win over West Ham United at the Etihad on Sunday.

Silva was defending Cheikhou Kouyate when the West Ham midfielder swung an elbow and caught Silva square on the cheek. It seemed minor as just a trainer came out to check on Silva, but soon it materialized into a scene of concern as first the stretcher arrived, then Silva was put into a neck brace, and finally an oxygen mask was applied.

After a seven-minute delay, Silva was finally carried off the field and subsequently brought to the hospital, where reports surfaced that there were concerns of a broken collarbone or cheekbone. Manager Manuel Pellegrini said he had no knowledge of Silva’s condition following the match, and said he had not spoken to the Spaniard since he was brought off.

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However, Silva tweeted an encouraging note, confirming he had gone home from the hospital and that “all the tests have gone well.”

While there is still no official word that Silva has avoided any broken bones, the fact he is home is encouraging news. Had tests confirmed either a broken collarbone or cheekbone, Silva would have likely been kept at the hospital for a while longer. Broken collarbones must be examined further to rule out any immediate danger, as a rare version can sometimes be life threatening should it puncture any vital blood vessels, and a broken cheekbone would likely come with additional tests to rule out further brain trauma or other facial damage. With no confirmation, this is just speculation, but signals indicate Silva may have lucked out.

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The incident appeared to be unintentional from Kouyate, who seemed to be simply trying to make his way around Silva while on the ball, and his elbow flared out and caught the City player. Kouyate was shown a yellow card, and Pellegrini was content with the decision, stating, “I always think that a player doesn’t want to damage another player. The referee was so near and he decided he was unintentional. Nothing more happens.” Sam Allardyce, meanwhile, claimed it wasn’t even a foul, which may have been slightly undervaluing the need for player safety.