Pep Guardiola charged for wearing shirt in support of deceased soccer writer Jorge “El Topo” Lopez

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It’s mission accomplished for Pep Guardiola despite being charged for the tee shirt he wore to his post-match press conference on Tuesday.

We’re not referring to the mission of Bayern Munich overcoming its 3-1 first leg deficit to eliminate FC Porto by a 7-4 aggregate score, rather the operation to raise awareness to the story of deceased journalist Jorge “El Topo” Lopez.

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Guardiola faces a fine for drawing attention to the cause of the Argentine journalist, who was killed in a reported car accident at the World Cup. He was traveling in a taxi when it was hit by a stolen car, and the event has since come under suspicion as an intentional death, coming a week after the death of another Argentine in a similar fashion.

Wearing the shirt in the hopes of bringing the perpetrators to justice, however, is going to land Guardiola in hot water despite it achieving its goal; Jorge “El Topo” Lopez is sure to see a fresh round of Internet searches and questions.

From The Guardian:

Uefa says its disciplinary panel will judge an “incident of non-sporting nature” on 21 May.

Guardiola wore the T-shirt on Monday before Bayern’s quarter-final, second-leg match against Porto on Tuesday. It supported a campaign to investigate Jorge ‘El Topo’ López’s death in a road traffic accident in Brazil.

Uefa rules prohibits statements that it judges to be “political, offensive or provocative”.