Oscar headed to hospital after thunderous clash with Ospina


Chelsea attacker Oscar is on his way to the hospital after a heavy clash with Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina in the first half of Sunday’s Premier League matchup.

Oscar came off his line to challenge Oscar for a through ball, and he plowed into the Brazilian in a heavy collision. Replays showed the crown of Ospina’s head scored a direct hit on Oscar’s chin. Somehow, referee Michael Oliver did not call a foul or penalty despite the somewhat obvious situation.

Replays reviewed at halftime by the NBC Sports studio crew showed disturbing footage of Oscar immediately following impact, as he lay on the ground with a clear concussion.

New Premier League protocol regarding head injuries says any player that loses consciousness during play must come off the field immediately and not be allowed to continue. It is unclear whether Oscar loses consciousness, but his expression and movement directly following the clash suggests he at the least suffered the effects of a blow to the head.

Nonetheless, Oscar was allowed to continue for a full 30 minutes following the impact, only removed at halftime and replaced by Didier Drogba. Throughout the first half, Oscar received 14 passes and registered one shot on goal.