St. Mirren captain accidentally spears teammate in the thigh in “daft prank” gone awry

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When the words “captain” and “spearing” come together, I usually think of things like “Moby Dick” and the NHL playoffs.

What generally doesn’t jump to mind is a “daft prank” at a training ground that ends with a young player nursing a centimeter-deep thigh wound.

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Yet that’s exactly what Scotland brings us today, as St. Mirren captain Steven Thompson’s decision to hurl a training pole at a teammate who tackled him, only to see the stick embed itself in the player’s thigh.

Now John McGinn is set for three weeks on the sidelines, though he also has a heck of a story.

What? Yup. From

“I’ve been shocked by it, to be honest, really down about it. I like a laugh and a joke in training, but for something like this to happen is just unbelievable.

“I’m just mortified by the whole thing. It was a daft prank. It wasn’t like I threw the pole out of anger or anything like that.

“That’s not what happened. I threw it for a laugh, stupid me trying to be funny, and unfortunately it’s anything but. It’s a total disaster.”

I’m very excited to start using the phrase “daft prank” to describe horrible things that come of my own misdeeds around the house. “Honey, sorry I shrunk your dress in the washing machine. Just a daft prank. Forgive me.”