Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski pummeled by Dortmund goalkeeper


With Arjen Robben going down injured just minutes before, things have seemed to go from bad to worse for Bayern Munich.

A spot in the DFB Pokal was on the line, but it didn’t go so well for the favorites. Munich lost on penalties, but the injuries may hurt much more. Robben’s injury is a serious concern, but striker Robert Lewandowski took a shot to the noggin as well.

With goalkeepers getting away with more and more in the modern game [cut to footage of David Ospina hit-sticking Oscar this past weekend], Dortmund’s Mitch Langerak took some extra liberties as well. Just three minutes remained in extra time, and as Lewandowski looked to get his head to a ball near the top of the box, Langerak came out and hammered the Polish frontman, catching him with the heel of his hand meant for the ball.

Much like Ospina, Langerak was not punished for the incident. Despite the massive blow to the head, Lewandowski stayed in, as Bayern had used all of its substitutes, thanks in no small part to Robben’s injury. That will certainly be a talking point with more calls for head injury awareness in the sport.

After the incident, Bayern manager Pep Guardiola was absolutely furious, and looked like he wanted to give someone a piece of his mind.

The injury clearly affected Lewandowski, who did not end up taking a penalty in the shootout just three minutes later. Bayern fell in the sloppy shootout 2-0. Today was just about worst-case scenario for Bayern Munich, and hopefully Lewandowski can recover in time to face Barcelona in the first leg of their Champions League semifinal matchup a week from Wednesday.