Wenger responds to Mourinho’s “title” jab, claims being in first place can make it easier to win

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Arsene Wenger refuses to believe that Chelsea is a better team than his Arsenal side, and thinks Jose Mourinho is disrespectful for chiding the Gunners’ recent lack of titles in the wake of the clubs’ 0-0 draw last weekend.

Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s Monday match against Hull City, Wenger rifled through reasons for not being atop the Premier League table. He admitted that Chelsea has been more consistent, and claimed that it’s easier for teams who are in first place to win.

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Which, of course, is true, mostly because those teams are generally superior in terms of scoring more goals than the opposition, thus accumulating more points than the teams which do not achieve that objective on a more consistent basis.

From the BBC:

“Once you are fighting for the Championship you win some games because you smell you can do it, games that you don’t necessarily win if you are fourth or fifth. That doesn’t always represent the value of the team.

“The gap is there because they have been more consistent than us from start to end. They had a very strong start, and that got them through to the end.”

Wenger was also asked about Mourinho’s verbal jabs that “10 years without a title is boring.” The Chelsea boss had been criticized for his side’s style of play in chasing a title, and Wenger implied that Mourinho needs to up his respect level.

More from the BBC:

“The biggest thing for a manager is to respect other managers. Some people have to improve on that,” he said.

“You can have incidents with other managers sometimes. It gets a bit heated when you fight directly with them, but in the end I believe time heals and the important thing is to respect each other as much as you can.”

Want our take? Wenger might think the jab was at him, but Mourinho was asked about Arsenal fans singing, “Boring, Boring Chelsea” during a 0-0 draw at the Emirates Stadium. After getting that heat over 90 minutes, it’d be nice to think a manager could shrug it off and accept his three points, but we hardly believe Mourinho should be chided for dishing it right back to Gooners.

It’s sports. Both sides, Arsenal fans and Mourinho, are fine to have a dig at each other.