Polish fan dies after clash with police at stadium, sparking riots

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A Polish soccer fan has died after being hit with a rubber bullet at a Polish soccer stadium, sparking riots around the Sileasian metropolis.

With local fifth-tier club Concordia Knurow trailing 4-1 at home to Ruchem Radzionków in the first half, the home supporters tried to flood onto the field and stop the match. Police were there to meet them, and they used riot gear and tactics to disperse the fans.

One supporter was hit in the neck with a rubber bullet, and the 27-year-old fan died hours later at the Knurow hospital. News of the incident spread, and rioters gathered around the hospital and clashed with police yet again, hurling rocks and firebombs and injuring 14 police officers, according to the Associated Press via police spokesman Andrzej Gaska.

“We are shaken by the fighting we witnessed,” said deputy director of the Knurow hospital Tomasz Pitsch. “You can see the marks on the hospital walls [from the thrown objects].”

The injuries to the policemen were not life-threatening, just burns and bruises from the objects hurled at them. Local prosecutors have begun an investigation into the incident and will perform an autopsy on Monday. Video of the supporters attempting to gain access to the pitch has surfaced online.