WATCH: Incredible whiff from Torino goalkeeper gifts Empoli a lead


Here it is, your goalkeeping howler of the week, courtesy of some early morning Serie A action.

Neither of these teams have a whole lot to play for, with both mired in the middle of the table and just four matches left, but the games go on anyways, and when players lose concentration even for a little bit, mistakes are made. Really, really bad mistakes.

Torino goalkeeper Daniele Padelli took a simple back-pass from Emiliano Moretti and completely flubbed it, clipping the ball just right so it skidded and curled into the far corner of the net. The most painful part of the whole video is the final slow-motion angle where Padelli scuffs the ball, immediately realizes what he’s done, and stares down the ball willing it to somehow go wide before it tucks inside the goal post and his fears come to fruition.

The goal gave Empoli a 1-0 lead in just the third minute of play, a lead which they held through the first half.

Astute Premier League fans may remember Padelli from his very brief Liverpool days, when he joined in January of 2007 on loan and made one appearance, the last day of the season against Charlton, presiding over a 2-2 draw.

Thankfully for Padelli, he has a historic win in the most recent Turin derby to fall back on if anyone dares make fun of him for this own-goal. Which they will. Endlessly.