Steven Gerrard says losing his starting job at Liverpool led to MLS move


Steven Gerrard’s storied 17-year career at Liverpool is coming to an end, with only two games to play in the Premier League season.

After the Reds wrap up their campaign, Gerrard will be headed to Hollywood where he will join the defending MLS champions, the Los Angeles Galaxy.

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While it was thought Gerrard’s move was a natural progression of his career, now 34-years-old having spent nearly his entire life at Liverpool, the Reds’ skipper has come out and made the reason for his decision clear.

Gerrard said he chose to make the move to Major League Soccer after being informed by manager Brendan Rodgers that he was no longer going to be a permanent fixture in his starting eleven.

I’m going to come on as a sub and the buzz changes.

For me, I go to work on a Monday morning and I look forward to Saturday, to prepare to go to battle with some wonderful people – with good mates – and that’s my buzz.

When a manager gets you into the office and says that’s going to change and it’s going to become more limited – that’s when you make your decision.

It’s not a selfish thing; coming on as a sub’s just not the same buzz so things have changed this year.”

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Liverpool’s skipper since 2003, Gerrard has seen his role in the midfield taken over by Jordan Henderson, who has also worn the captain’s armband when Gerrard is not on the pitch. With Henderson signing a contract extension worth $150,000 per week earlier this spring, it was clear the torch was being passed.

Saturday will be Steven Gerrard’s last match at Anfield in what will surely be an emotional day for both the player and the fans. Tickets for the match, which is against Crystal Palace, are currently selling online for more than $2,000, with a face value closer to $50.