Ancelotti given 2-match La Liga ban for sarcastically-applauding referees


Whatever you do today, don’t applaud continually in a disrespectful manner at a referee.

That’s the act which has cost Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti the final two games of La Liga season (which may not even happen).

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Ancelotti apparently got too clap-happy with officials at the end of Real Madrid’s 2-2 draw against Valencia this weekend.

And he… would… not… stop… clapping!

From the Associated Press:

According to the match official’s notes, Ancelotti continued the exaggerated applause in the tunnel, and did the same to one of the assistant referees.

According to the rules, coaches who show “contempt or disregard” can be banned from the touchline for up to a month.

Maybe I’m disillusioned with discipline, but this is silly. At some point, managers will be limited to writing handwritten notes to the fourth official.

Dear most important official, sir,

Please consider that my players might be being fouled. I guess I could just be too sensitive, but that forward Costa seems to have stepped on my defender’s face on purpose.

Not saying you’re wrong, and you’re doing great. Just thought you missed it.


Alan Pardiola