Mourinho, on loss: Blame Man City, Man United, Arsenal for not challenging us more


Jose, Jose, Jose. You cheeky, cheeky man, you.

Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea lost to West Bromwich Albion, 3-0, Monday. Speaking in his post-game television interview (above video), Mourinho placed the blame at the feet of his players and himself, as well as the rest of the teams in the league, particularly those that challenged (or failed to do so enough) the Blues for this year’s Premier League title.

“I can’t say [the loss] is a big surprise for me. I know my player, I know myself, I know the nature of the game, I know what normally happens when a team is champions with matches (still) to play. … When we are champions so early, it’s difficult to keep the motivation high.”

“The ideal scenario is to be champions, and to go home and don’t play again. So, if you have to blame somebody, you have to blame Man City, Man United, Arsenal and Liverpool, because they let us win the title so early.”

Legend. *drops the microphone for Jose, walks away*