VIDEO: Why did Steven Gerrard refuse to sign an LA Galaxy jersey?


Following his Anfield finale on Saturday, Steven Gerrard had a lap of honor around the pitch one last time to say thanks to the fans who have supported him over the last 17 years.

On his way around, the Liverpool legend stopped for photos and signed shirts but he had an issue with one particular jersey.

A fan asked Gerrard if he would sign an LA Galaxy jersey but the 34-year-old flat out refused, and many will applaud his loyalty to the team he grew up supporting.

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Watch Gerrard give his reasoning in the video below, as the Liverpool captain stayed loyal to his hometown club until the very end.

Is it a little strange that he wouldn’t sign an LA jersey even though it will be his new club in a few weeks? Perhaps. But he has his reasons.

Anyway, here is the incident in question: