One candidate drops out as Blatter’s re-election looks more and more certain


Considering his self-glossed position as “godfather of women’s soccer” and intentions to bring peace to the Middle East, is it any surprise that Supreme Chancellor FIFA president Sepp Blatter looks set to coast to re-election?

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The Associated Press issued a report on Thursday that essentially called Blatter’s re-election a foregone conclusion, despite nearly unending streams of controversy during his long reign as FIFA president.

Feel free to view his resume: The man who’s been investigated by the FBI and green lit loads of allegedly corrupt ideas will continue to rule your favorite sport.

From the Associated Press:

Three rival candidates entered the race in January: Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan, Luis Figo of Portugal and Michael van Praag of the Netherlands. Van Praag, however, dropped out of the race on Thursday and switched his support to FIFA vice president Prince Ali.

By withdrawing, Van Praag showed how the task to sway Blatter’s rock-solid support looked impossible even before belatedly starting to seek votes.

“If you really wanted to do this properly you should have started (campaigning) two years ago,” Van Praag, the Dutch soccer federation president, said in Vienna in March.

The outcome has looked clear since February 2014 when Blatter dropped his biggest hint that he would run again. He teased he “would not say no” if enough of FIFA’s 209 member federations asked him.

They did.

Obviously there will still be a vote, and anything can happen. But if you hoped Blatter was one of the lone shadowy figures in FIFA, and that his comeuppance has arrived… well…