Report: Ancelotti already knows he’s likely been sacked by Real Madrid

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According to a report in AS, Carlo Ancelotti has already been indirectly informed that he will likely be relieved of his duties at Real Madrid following their season-ending match against Getafe at the Bernabeu.

The report says that club president Florentino Perez met with Ancelotti’s agent Ernesto Bronzetti to inform him he will likely be fired. However, nothing is set in stone yet, mostly because Perez has not found a suitable replacement for certain. He’s not convinced Rafa Benitez will join, and he doesn’t see Jurgen Klopp as a good fit for the club, according to the report. After those two men, the available coaches pool greatly drops off.

AS states that Perez attempted to avoid meeting with Bronzetti until after the season was over, mostly due to the uncertainty ahead, but with the Italian arriving from Milan on Thursday, he was unable to do so. Should Ancelotti be fired in the middle of his contract, he would get half a season’s wages as a payout from Madrid, amounting to just under $4 million according to the report.

There are also reports that AC Milan wishes to bring Ancelotti back to the San Siro, with president Silvio Berlusconi stating it would happen should Madrid let their manager go.

In my personal opinion, it would be a gigantic mistake for Real Madrid to swap Ancelotti out for anyone else, especially given his Champions League victory just a season ago. With the coaching market relatively thin, there are no other candidates nearly as qualified as he, nor anyone who knows the Real Madrid squad as well as he does. But we all know Florentino Perez and his happy trigger finger has done this before.