Mourinho rips Top 4 rivals at awards dinner; Takes extra shot at Wenger’s Arsenal


It’s no secret that Jose Mourinho doesn’t enjoy Arsene Wenger, and the Chelsea boss took a big shot at Wenger’s club and other elite Premier League sides during the Blues award dinner on Tuesday.

Mourinho used a graphic to tell the tale of four teams and their appeals to the international football board. Of course, Chelsea just wanted to play by the rules and win by a goal or more, using different tactics to outfox their opponents.

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The team representing Manchester United thought that possession would win the game without goals, while the team symbolizing Manchester City wanted to be allowed to abstain from playing defense.

Arsenal’s representation, however, played good football but didn’t want to try for the entire season, preferring a shorter calendar.

From Sky Sports:

Speaking of Arsenal, Mourinho said: “The third team (red shirts, white sleeves) was almost there, because they wanted to play with two goals.

“They were scoring some, they were also conceding some. They were fantastic. They scored really beautiful goals, they concede some goals too and they were almost there.

“But they asked the international board to play only between January and April. And they told ‘no chance, no chance’.

“You have to play between August and May, so they couldn’t be champions.”

Not bad, Special One, considering it became commonplace for critics to laud Arsenal late in the season as the Gunners went all out in the slim hope of catching Chelsea while Mourinho’s Blues sat back a bit with some injuries in attack (mainly Diego Costa).

Mourinho finished off the speech with a brilliant line regarding Chelsea, “They played from August till May and sometimes they brought the bus.”