Leaves jail in ambulance, gives speech hours later: Jack Warner knows no FIFA scandal


Disgraced former FIFA vice president Jack Warner was arrested on Wednesday.

On Thursday, he was taken from the prison by ambulance after suffering from exhaustion.

Hours later, he gave a long speech defending himself.

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This, folks, is symbolically your FIFA in a nutshell.

As the soccer world continues to react to Sepp Blatter’s fifth-term as FIFA president, his 72-year-old former VP is basically telling the law to take a long walk off a short pier.

From the Associated Press:

Judicial officer Ibrahim Ali said the 72-year-old Warner complained of exhaustion and was not able to face questions from reporters gathered for several hours outside the jail in this twin-island Caribbean nation off the coast of Venezuela.

But a short while later, Warner donned a cap and a garland of flowers to give a lengthy, defiant speech before a crowd of raucous supporters in the district he represents as an opposition member of Parliament.

“If I have been thiefing FIFA money for 30 years, who give me the money? How come he is not charged? Why only persons from Third World countries have been charged?” Warner said, drawing hoots and applause from partisans wearing green-colored shirts of his Independent Liberal Party.

We’re just going to this one sit here and breathe for you…