Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere scoffs at Tottenham Hotspur during FA Cup parade


Arsenal defeated Aston Villa, 4-0, in the FA Cup yesterday and have wasted no time hitting the streets to celebrate with fans.

In damp conditions, the Gunners journeyed from Emirates Stadium to Islington Town Hall with thousands of supporters lining the sidewalks and cheering on the hometown favorites, who rode around in an open-top bus.

Mikel Arteta and co-captain Per Mertesacker presented the FA Cup on stage when the squad returned to the Emirates.

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The players clearly enjoyed the bus ride, snapping pictures and taking videos of the scene around them.

Similar to his jeering from last season, midfielder Jack Wilshere–a 77th minute substitute in the most recent FA Cup final–snagged the microphone and began to lash out at Tottenham Hotspur with everybody else.

From Sky Sports:

Wilshere, who has come through the youth ranks at Arsenal, started a chant mocking local rivals Tottenham, asking the crowd: “I have one question, and one question only: what do we think of Tottenham?”… before adding: “And what do we think of ****?”, then joining in as the crowd sang back: “We hate Tottenham and we hate Tottenham… we are the Tottenham haters.”

Wilshere then continued with another Arsenal song, as supporters joined in the shouts of, “It has happened again, Tottenham Hotspur, it has happened again”.

In the second above quote, Wilshere was referring to Tottenham finishing behind Arsene Wenger’s squad in the Premier League table once again. The year 1995, when manager George Graham was sacked, marked the last time Spurs (at 7th place) ended the season ahead of Arsenal (at 12th place).

The microphone was taken away from Wilshere, but he then was at it again, trying to start another chorus: “My old man said be a Tottenham fan….” This also was followed with multiple expletives, and according to Sky Sports, a studio presenter of the live broadcast quickly apologized for the disparaging remarks.