Sunil Gulati issues statement on Sepp Blatter’s plans to resign

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U.S. Soccer boss Sunil Gulati is plenty pleased that Sepp Blatter is stepping down as FIFA president, and issued a statement on Blatter’s decision.

Gulati, 55, will be considered a candidate to replace Blatter should the American have interest in the position.

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Calling Blatter’s announcement reason for “optimism and belief”, Gulati limited his comments to the occasion.


“The announcement today by President Blatter represents an exceptional and immediate opportunity for positive change within FIFA. I commend him for making a decision that puts FIFA and the sport we love above all other interests. This is the first of many steps towards real and meaningful reform within FIFA. Today is an occasion for optimism and belief for everyone who shares a passion for our game.”

Gulati backed Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein in the last election, so will the Jordanian prince’s intentions to run again — for a single term — be enough to keep him on the sidelines?

And would his election actually work against the case for a World Cup in the U.S., as FIFA will want to look squeaky clean? Worth thinking about as we work our way toward a new president.