Disgraced Warner takes shots at Blatter: “Not even death will stop the avalanche that is coming”


To hear Jack Warner describe it, Sepp Blatter has literally interfered with Trinidad and Tobago on every level from soccer to its sociological advancement.

The disgraced former FIFA executive, 72, took to the television airwaves in his home country on Wednesday, and threatened to expose Blatter’s role in Trinidad and Tobago’s 2010 elections.

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Not their soccer federation election, their governmental elections. Yes, Jack Warner said FIFA is helping to run his country.

From the Associated Press:

Warner said he has documents and checks that link FIFA officials, including embattled President Sepp Blatter, to the 2010 election in Trinidad and Tobago.

“I apologize for not disclosing my knowledge of these events before,” Warner said.

He said he has compiled reams of documents and is delivering them to his attorneys, for them to disseminate as they see.

“Not even death will stop the avalanche that is coming,” Warner said as his supporters cheered in celebration. “The die is cast. There can be no turning back. Let the chips fall where they fall.”

Well if there’s one thing FIFA’s proving, it’s that it’s quickly become a house divided. But, if Warner’s a disgraced mess and Blatter’s a disgraced mess, whose word will win the day? To be fair to Blatter, it’s hard to imagine losing a political fight with a man who legitimately tried to quote an Onion article in his defense.

Skepticism aside, there will be a healthy dose of schadenfreude in observing these high and mighty figures pick each other apart. And Warner, a man who skipped out of jail via ambulance last week only to give a fiery speech hours later, is sharpening his claws.