England’s FA charges Jack Wilshere for anti-Spurs chant at FA Cup parade

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Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere has been charged by England’s FA for foul-mouthed chants about the club’s London rivals.

Wilshere led the crowd in anti-Spurs chants at Arsenal’s FA Cup Championship parade earlier this week, and his songs were traditional fare for the Emirates crowd.

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But the FA is ready to punish Wilshere in an effort to stop the vitriol in its tracks. Because that’ll work.

From the Associated Press:

He was in the middle of another expletive-filled song when Arsenal broke off from the live broadcast on the club’s in-house media channel.

The English Football Association says on Wednesday that Wilshere has been charged because his conduct “was improper and/or brought the game into disrepute.”

Wilshere has until June 10 to respond to the charge.

Violence in football is no joke, so far be it for me to trivialize the FA’s work, but really?

I recognize that my hometown of Buffalo, N.Y. is far from the epicenter of North London Derby emotions, but I’ve heard the more profane of Wilshere’s two chants sang between Spurs and Gooners on plenty of occasions.

People laugh.

Apparently, the FA hasn’t monitored parades in the U.S. (Either that, or the FA really hates parades in the U.S.).