FIFA: England’s Dyke says Blatter won’t last; Sepp linked with Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend?!?

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The floodgates remain wide open when it comes to FIFA where, as expected, it’s now open season on outgoing president Sepp Blatter and company.

English FA chairman Greg Dyke hasn’t been bashful when it comes to his distaste for Blatter, especially when it comes to the bribery scandal that may’ve deprived his nation the privilege of hosting a World Cup.

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And now that Blatter has stated his intention to resign, Dyke is staying on the offensive, even admitting that if he had to bet on Blatter being arrested or staying out of the hands of authorities, he’d be on the former.

In any event, Dyke says Blatter won’t even last at FIFA through the next election.

From the Guardian (language in link NSFW):

“He’ll be gone. He won’t last. He can’t last more than a couple of months. The one thing you discover if you run an organisation is that the moment you say you’re going, you’ve gone. He’s dead. It’s over. If you resign, you resign.”

Dyke also said that Blatter hates England and everything related to English soccer.

All this as Jack Warner says he’s ready to flip on Blatter and Chuck Blazer already has, it seems. While the in-fighting might be a bit of surprise, perhaps nothing comes as a big a shock as this report from The Daily Mail.

It’s almost too much to believe, even given Blatter’s power and humanity’s lust for power and money, but Spanish paper El Mundo claims that the FIFA president had an affair with Irina Shayk. Yes, that Irina Shayk, the supermodel and mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s son (also now said to be dating American actor Bradley Cooper).

From English gossip site The Daily Mirror:

Spanish daily El Mundo made the sensational claim about the roving-eyed football chief and Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex girlfriend in a piece published yesterday titled ‘All the women in Blatter’s life.’

It declared the 79-year-old ‘had a relationship’ with the Russian beauty after dating tennis player Ilona Boguska but before meeting glamourous Linda Barras, 50.

It just keeps getting weirder, doesn’t it? Relatively useless trivia  to be sure, but the FIFA movie based on what’s come from this scandal would prove to be far more interesting than the Gerard Depardieu vehicle.

If in fact that Shayk part is true, I like to think Blatter tells the story at cocktail parties with the following punch line, “So I thought they said, ‘A sheikh wants to meet you,’ but Shayk was beautiful so I went to dinner anyway!”