Luis Enrique: “A magnificent, spectacular day” as Barcelona claim Champions League title


Now that the champagne bottles have been popped, sprayed, guzzled and tossed into their proper locker room receptacles, Barcelona manager Luis Enrique and various Barca players have taken a few moments away from celebrating to speak to the media following the club’s fifth UEFA Champions League/European Cup triumph on Saturday.

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The mood is, of course, one of sheer joy and triumph for the Blaugrana, though that didn’t seem to deter them from comprehending and putting into proper perspective the club’s latest European title.

Below are a number of select quotes from Enrique and a number of Barcelona players…

Manager Luis Enrique: “A magnificent, spectacular day. I congratulate my players, a unique group of players, their talent and commitment has been beyond doubt.” …  From ESPNFC: “My challenge is to enjoy this moment at the time. And to have a good summer. The season is not over yet, we have a long night ahead of us now.” … “This is very nice, I am very happy. There was lots of tension, but this is a unique group of players, and spectacular fans. They are winners, they stick together, and they enjoy what they do, and make others enjoy it too.

Midfielder Xavi Hernandez: “Nothing can beat finishing [my Barca career] in this way.” … From ESPNFC: “There are no words, this is spectacular. I could not ask for more. To leave like this, with the Champions League, the treble. Brutal by the team, the fans, everything. I feel a bit nostalgic, knowing you are not going to play again for this team, that is hard. But I am very happy, with how my career has gone, and to finish with this game is incredible.” … “[Luis Enrique] deserves this. He has received lots of criticism, and kept working the same. He is a leader for this team. I celebrated with him, and all the staff, who did tremendous work. He deserves to stay, is the best option, but has not said anything. Now to enjoy this Treble, which is incredible.” … “This generation has made history. I am leaving, but they will keep making history. It is a fantastic team.” … “I never imagined we could win all the titles we were going for. But you try and do your job, to improve aspects of the play, but having these players of course brings you closer to success.”

Forward Luis Suarez: “When you come to a team like Barca, you know that you have come to win. This is a dream.” … “You can’t ask for more. These three titles, and finish it by winning the Champions League. The truth is that I don’t have words to express the happiness or the grandeur of this team this season. This has been one of a kind.”

Midfielder Andres Iniesta: “We won’t see this happen again very often. Six years later we did (the treble) again. All my words fall short. Let the people enjoy this Barca.”