Arsenal charged by FA for actions in signing Calum Chambers from Saints


Unusual news out of London this morning, where Arsenal has been charged by the Football Association in the transfer of Calum Chambers from Southampton last year.

The charge is breaching the FA’s Football Agents Regulations during the nearly $25 million transfer.

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Also charged is Chambers’ agent, Alan Middleton. He has until Wednesday to respond to the charge, while the FA granted Arsenal’s request of a June 26 deadline.

According to the BBC, the standard penalty is a (relatively) small fine:

In May 2014, Sunderland were fined £100,000 and warned over their future conduct after admitting breaching the regulations.

Meanwhile, in February of this year, Championship club Brighton were fined £90,000 for the same offence.

So Chambers’ transfer may now cost nearly $25.1 million. Though certainly the agent’s misdeeds could be more significant, it seems more likely this charge will act more as a “Don’t do it again or we’ll do something serious” warning.