Is $90 million the figure that turns Juve’s head on Pogba? Chelsea hopes so…


If you’re making a list of the 10 most effective attackers in the world, regardless of age, Paul Pogba fits into that group.

The lanky, fast, creative 22-year-old midfielder helped Juventus to the UEFA Champions League final and shows no signs of slowing down. Along with Eden Hazard, his promise is among the greatest in the game.

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So why would Juventus consider selling the blessing in disguise it inherited from Manchester United?

Loads and loads of dough.

From Metro:

Italian journalist Ghilda Pensanta confirmed the club would be tempted to sell the French international.

‘They will just wait and only consider any official offers over £58million – no less,’ she said.

‘So we will have to see if there is an offer from Man City or other big clubs.’

Metro claims that Chelsea is willing to pay close to $90 million for Pogba, a monetary figure that would launch a lot of ships for Juve. But it would also be less than I expected. No, Pogba isn’t British, but neither was James Rodriguez ($98m) nor Angel Di Maria ($92m).

And if word leaks that The Old Lady would budge for $90m, couldn’t someone come calling with more? Manchester City? Real Madrid?

If I’m Juve, I’m holding out for no less than $100 million. Unless he’s awful in the locker room, Pogba is that valuable to my club. And to be clear, I’m talking about the deal in funny money. No one is worth that much, but Pogba’s worth is on a relative scale.

Pogba is the sort of piece that can trigger big name movement. If he’s sold to Madrid, would they move Gareth Bale or even Cristiano Ronaldo?

A bigger question: Given City’s interest in buying this summer, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the noisy neighbors spent big to shove a dagger into the back of Manchester United? There’s no better way than betting on the latest “one that got away” from Old Trafford. While they’re at, might as well call Barca about Gerard Pique.