FIFA criticize Nobel Peace Center for abruptly terminating partnership


FIFA has hit out at the Nobel Peace Center (NPC) as they ended a partnership with world soccer’s governing body without warning.

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On Monday the NPC said it was to “terminate the cooperation with FIFA” but a day later FIFA released a statement via its website accusing their former partners of not partaking in “fair play” as the “Handshake for Peace” initiative agreed to by FIFA and NPC has become commonplace in all world tournaments since 2012 when the initial agreement was reached between the two organizations to promote peace and fair play.

No exact reason has been given by the NPC for cancelling their agreement with FIFA but with the organization that controls world soccer currently under intense scrutiny following investigations by the U.S. Government and Swiss authorities into alleged widespread corruption, does the NPC really need a reason for pulling out?

Here is part of FIFA’s statement, as they are not impressed with NPC’s decision:

We are disappointed to have learned from the media about the Nobel Peace Center’s intent to terminate the cooperation with FIFA on the Handshake for Peace initiative. FIFA is reluctant to accept this unilateral approach on what is a joint initiative between the football community and the Nobel Peace Center (NPC). This action does not embody the spirit of fair play especially as it obstructs the promotion of the key values of peace-building and anti-discrimination.

Given all of the negative headlines regarding alleged corruption within FIFA, do you think its okay for NPC to not want their name associated with world soccer’s governing body?

Only last week Interpol suspended its links with FIFA and the Vatican has halted a charity initiative with CONMEBOL, South American soccer’s governing body.

With senior FIFA officials reportedly worried about large sponsors getting ready to pull the plug on their financial support of the organization, even more worrying times could be ahead.