Russian fans launch fundraising site to buy out Fabio Capello’s contract

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Russia’s second Euro qualifying loss to Group G leaders Austria has a group of fans ready to pay for a new coach.

Fabio Capello’s side has left a lot of points on the table in a fairly-weak group, drawing Moldova and Sweden in addition to a 4-0 win over Liechtenstein and an awarded win over Montenegro that had little do with quality of play.

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Now with four Fall matches set to decide its fate for the 2016 tournament in France, an fundraising web site has been set-up to raise the approximately $24 million it would take to buy out Capello’s contract.

According to the BBC:

And now a fundraising website has been set up called ‘Fabio go home’.

A statement on the site read: “Recent public surveys show the vast majority of the country’s football lovers want Capello to step down.”

It continued: “But to do that the Russia’s Football Union (RFU) needs to pay Capello a serious penalty for the cancellation of his contract – 21.4m euros.”

The group behind the site stated they had no relation to any official organisations.

Should that absurd fee be raised, it still wouldn’t guarantee much besides a massive, “Wow. They really favor a new coach”. Yes, Russia would know its fans want a change but would an FA really bow to fan furor? We’d almost certainly say, “Of course not”, but Russia is a different animal. It’s an organization which has considered entering its team in the Russian Premier League in preparation for the 2018 World Cup.

Russia still hosts Sweden and Montenegro, and will visit minnows Moldova and Liechtenstein. Considering Sweden still has a match with Austria, it’s not crazy to think Russia could make up the four points needed to catch second place in the group. And even third place could avoid the playoffs, as Russia stands a good chance of being the highest-point earning third-place squad.

Fundraising site aside, should Russia consider making a switch before that big Sept. 5 date with Sweden?