Outspoken director says FIFA wanted to call its movie “Men of Legend”


The director for FIFA’s super failure of a biopic, “United Passions”, has broken his silence and is taking shots at the organization.

In an incredibly defensive interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Frederic Auburtin slams FIFA for the film. His rhetoric is outlandish, asserting that his critics are comparing him with AIDS and the recent financial collapse.

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Auburtin claims that the initial concept for the project dealt with the reputation of FIFA for being corrupt, but once the film’s budget hit hard times, that changed.

The film was a disaster abroad, and then made just $900 in its opening weekend here in the United States.

From Hollywood Reporter:

In his first interview since the disastrous U.S. opening, French director Frederic Auburtin tellsTHR he tried to strike a balance between “a Disney propaganda film [and] a Costa-Gavras/Michael Moore movie,” but the project ultimately tipped in FIFA’s favor. “Now I’m seen as bad as the guy who brought AIDS to Africa or the guy who caused the financial crisis. My name is all over [this mess],” the director laments, “and apparently I am a propaganda guy making films for corrupt people.”

Filming concluded in September 2013. FIFA originally had wanted to call the movie Men of Legend. “Can you imagine such a title? It’s nonsense,” the director says. “Then The Dreammakers. Come on.” Auburtin successfully fought for the United Passions title, an ironic play on the fact that FIFA has more member states than the United Nations. But after the final edit, FIFA made changes, he says. By the time of the film’s debut at Cannes, it was “totally pro-FIFA,” says Auburtin.

I genuinely don’t believe the summation line on this article needs anything but three words, words you’ve already read:

Men of Legend.