Blatter’s weekly FIFA column speaks of reform, takes shots at UEFA


At the risk of piling on, Sepp Blatter’s column in the most recent edition of FIFA’s weekly magazine is a special one.

The embattled FIFA president speaks of the need for reform in confederation ethics. Ever the politician, Blatter holds up Asia as a shining example while taking both backhanded and forehanded shots at UEFA and CONCACAF, two groups that haven’t supported him much.

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Take it away, Sepp.


Confederations must at the same tim acknowledge their responsibility in matters of ethics. Only the Asian confederation has an Ethics Committee like the one introduced by FIFA. All other contintental bodies are lacking in this regard.

Nonetheless, our new Executive Committee member, Wolfgang Niersbach from Germany, has put forward a motion I support. The President of the German Football Association has proposed an independent integrity check for all members of the most important FIFA committees. In doing so, Niersbach has broached a subject that has so far been blocked by UEFA of all associations. Better late than never. The message he has thereby sent out must apply to everyone: only together can we continue to drive the process of reform forward. That is something I will stand for until my final day in office.

It’s clearly not going to happen, but it’s pretty surprising that FIFA has decided to allow Blatter to keep penning words and opening his mouth on behalf of the organization.

From the heavily-redacted Garcia report to the recent storm of FBI investigations, seems like it takes international policing — not “independent” checks — to “drive the process of reform forward.”