Carlos Bacca’s mother on Neymar: I would have hit him with my high heels


Today may be Father’s Day, but Carlos Bacca’s mom is coming to her son’s defense.

The Colombian striker was involved in a post-match skirmish with Neymar following Los Cafeteros’ 1-0 win over Brazil, which led to a two-game suspension for Bacca and a four-game suspension for Neymar.

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Speaking to Colombian newspaper El HeraldoBacca’s mother Eloisa Ahumada has scolded both players, saying she would have taken off her heels and started putting the beat-down on Neymar, which I think we all would have loved to see.

I felt anger and helplessness; I wanted to be there to push him [Bacca] away so they couldn’t hit him because it could have been serious.

But if I’d have been in the stadium I would have taken off my high heel and hit Neymar; I know many women in the stadium would have joined me.

I was really annoyed because I’ve never seen this attitude of Carlos in the game before and so I sent him a message telling him off because he didn’t need to react that way.”

Soccer moms. They’re just one of a kind.

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While seeing Bacca’s mother throw some high-heeled haymakers would have been world class television, we instead got to see a few weak pushes and failed head-butt attempts.

Now with the Sevilla striker suspended, Colombia must get a result today against Peru in order to advance to the knockout rounds. Claudio Pizarro, watch out for flying stilettos.