Jordi Alba on Neymar’s Copa America skirmish: “I would have exploded before him”

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Neymar has recently been under scrutiny for a tussle with Colombian forward Carlos Bacca in a 1-0 loss to Los Cafeteros.

The 23-year-old was suspended four games in the wake of the incident because after the match ended, he appeared to headbutt Jeison Murillo and verbally assault head official Enrique Osses in the tunnel.

For the rest of the Copa America tournament, Neymar will not be available to Brazil, Dunga’s team advancing to the quarterfinal earlier today with a triumph over Venezuela.

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Following Bacca’s mother saying she would have hit Neymar with her high heel, someone close to Neymar, Barcelona defender Jordi Alba, has provided an alternate view point and backed the young Brazilian.


“I think that it is unfair, but those in charge are those in charge. It is clear that he’s a player that’s targeted. I would have exploded before him, for sure. Neymar has a lot of patience.” 

Alba added: “I don’t think he’s being persecuted, but he is an important player for Brazil and for Barça and for that reason people do go after him. He has a style of play that everyone would love to have, but not everyone can do it. I’m the first in that regard.”

In the end, Neymar can be “targeted” time and time again, but it’s his responsibility as a prominent figure to deal with commotion properly. If Bacca had hypothetically been harassing Neymar for the entire game, the former Santos man would have to speak up to the referee and make this clear.

But in reality, the frustration of losing seemed to irk Neymar’s patience and thus cause the outburst, which type of occasion we have seen happen with other big names in sports. Hopefully he will learn to control his emotions in the long run.