Rio Ferdinand calls high valuations of English players “a joke”


Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling are two of England’s brightest young talents, there’s no denying that.

But valuing them at $60 million and $80 million respectively? Rio Ferdinand thinks that’s a joke.

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Tottenham and Liverpool have both placed extremely high valuations on their young stars, as they know clubs will be willing to pay more for English players in order to fulfill the homegrown player rules.

A basic explanation of the rule is that each Premier League club must have a certain number of players that qualify as “homegrown,” meaning they have played for an English club for at least three years from the ages of 16-21.

While the rule was introduced to give a better opportunity for players to be developed in the English system rather than clubs buying international stars, it has in turn allowed teams to jack up the asking prices for certain players.

Enter Rio Ferdinand.

When people started calling out Ferdinand, who became the world’s most expensive defender when Manchester United bought him from Leeds in 2002, the former England captain said his situation isn’t comparable to the likes of Kane and Sterling.

Ferdinand makes a valid point, as both Sergio Aguero and Alexis Sanchez have proven themselves as elite talents in world football, yet had lesser transfer fees because they were not homegrown players.

No matter what Rio thinks, as much as it may be right, clubs need to follow the rules, and they’re willing to pay the price.