Beckenbauer tells Schweinsteiger not to go to Manchester United, wait for US move instead


German legend Franz Beckenbauer has seen the rumors linking Bastian Schweinsteiger to Manchester United, but he has another plan for the Bayern Munich midfielder.

Beckenbauer hopes the hard-nosed 30-year-old stays at Bayern, and has offered up a different course of action.

“I would advise him not to go to England,” Beckenbauer told Sky Sports. “He can stay here as well. This challenge, at his age, it’s not what he needs. I would play one or two more years in Munich, at this high level.

“And then, if he still wants to and if he still feels like playing football is the thing, he can make a step back and maybe go to the USA. In New York, the Cosmos are searching for players, also the Red Bulls. So I think if he, as a world champion, goes to New York or another club in the Major League Soccer, that would greatly improve the standing of football there.”

So basically, Franz Beckenbauer wants Bastian Schweinsteiger to do a Franz Beckenbauer, who played for Bayern Munich for 13 seasons before moving to the New York Cosmos at age 32 – which is how old Schweinsteiger would be in two years.

Something tells me Schweinsteiger will take Beckenbauer’s advice, put it in the bank, say “thank you very much,” and make his own decision.

Also, “take a step back and go to the USA?” That’s not very nice, Franz.