Blatter: “I did not resign”; Could make presidential run; May still hand out Women’s World Cup trophy


Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss (maybe).

Disgraced current FIFA president Sepp Blatter, the calculating politician, could be preparing to join the next FIFA presidential election as a candidate, after saying he never used the word “resign” during his press conference regarding a new election.

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However, if Blatter is really going to make the soccer world hang on his previous words, he did say “I will urge the Executive Committee to organise an Extraordinary Congress for the election of my successor at the earliest opportunity.”

A successor, dictionary-defined as “person or thing that succeeds another.”

Still, speaking at FIFA’s museum, the long-time president fueled rumors that he won’t be stepping away from FIFA any time soon.

From Swiss newspaper Blick,very loosely-translated:

In his words, the shrewd Walliser fueled the rumors about a possible comeback casually continued. Is it really his international retirement, as speculated? To look says Blatter.”I’m not resigned but put my mandate at an extraordinary congress is available.”

The audience he says: “For me personally, the museum is a labor of love. Do not get me wrong: I’m not ready for the museum nor for waxworks “!

Thunderous applause. Blatter extends his arms in the air. It’s his day, his big appearance, his applause.

It’s all extremely believable. What’s more? Blatter could easily win re-election if the same voting rules are in place. After all, he may’ve not cruised to first-ballot election — Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein withdrew after a significant first-vote deficit — but a 133-73 vote advantage means that, in a 2-candidate race with Blatter, an opponent would need to keep all 73 Blatter detractors and add 31 of the president’s backers.

Adding to the audacity, FIFA has not denied that Blatter could hand out the Women’s World Cup trophy to the winner of the tournament in Canada. The self-glossed “Godfather of women’s football” is expected to avoid North America due to his being investigated by the FBI, but he’s Sepp Blatter so anything’s possible.

From the BBC:

Fifa will not confirm whether Blatter or secretary general Jerome Valcke will attend.

A Fifa spokesperson said: “In terms of the Fifa president and the Fifa secretary general, their future travel plans will be confirmed in due course.”

It’s all happening again. Someone help us.