FIFA responds quickly to clarify Blatter’s “I did not resign” remarks


FIFA wants you to know that Sepp Blatter will resign as president.

Soccer’s troubled governing body acting quickly to dismiss the Blatter-inspired thought that its disgraced president could stick around as a candidate in another election.

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So his Blick-reported Thursday night comments that he “did not resign” and is “not ready for a museum” have seemingly been debunked, though it’s impossible to tell when it comes to anything Blatter.

FIFA’s statement, essentially, doesn’t rip Blatter while also saying, “No really, he’s outta here.”

From the Associated Press’ Graham Dunbar“We can confirm the quotes in Blick are accurate,” FIFA said in a statement. “However, they are fully in line with the speech of the President on June 2.”

So that’s that. Kind of. Maybe. Right?

We sincerely doubt it.