Inter Milan call out Fiorentina regarding Mohamed Salah’s transfer controversy

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Fiorentina have battled over winger Mohamed Salah in an attempt to keep him at the Artemio Franchi.

In January the Serie A club signed the Egyptian on an 18-month loan from Chelsea and revealed the option to extend his stint into the 2015-16 season was plausible, with an agreed buyout fee at the end of this year.

But Salah and his agent claim to have never accepted this course of action, and the disgruntled footballer has missed preseason training in hopes of facilitating a move to league adversary Inter Milan for the upcoming campaign.

The Viola countered Salah’s discontent and threatened to bring the entire issue to court.

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Vice president Paolo Panerai then turned heads by saying Inter should be relegated for breaking the transfer laws, calling on UEFA to sanction the Nerazzurri for allegedly breaking the governing body’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.

Roberto Mancini’s side released a statement to continue the war of words.

From Inter Milan’s official website:

It is not acceptable for anybody to talk out of turn about our club, casting doubt over its solidity and transparency. It is not acceptable for anybody to offend our club and, as a consequence, our fans, with comments that are utterly lacking in foundation.

F.C. Internazionale is dismayed by the request for exemplary sporting action to be taken against the club, given that it and many other clubs has just signed a public agreement with UEFA to respect the FFP regulations.

Given that Fiorentina is clearly attempting to involve Inter in a matter that doesn’t concern it, in order to cover up a problem between Fiorentina and the player Mohamed Salah, F.C. Internazionale will make recourse to any authority necessary in order to protect its image and integrity.

If Salah plainly doesn’t want to remain with Fiorentina, he should be able to freely leave because essentially forcing a stay will likely damage his desire to perform at full tilt.