VIDEO: Young Manchester United fan cries, inconsolable about sale of Robin van Persie


Somebody get this poor lad a tissue.

Despite a slew of new superstars to idolize at Manchester United following the arrival of Bastian Schweinsteiger and Morgan Schneiderlin at Old Trafford, hearing the news that Robin van Persie has been sold to Turkish side Fenerbache was all too much for one infant.

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In the video above a young United fan explains to his Mom why he can’t stop crying, then points to a picture on his wall of RVP along with his own scrawled handwriting next to it.

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It pulls at the heartstrings, it really does.

“Cheer up little chap, RVP was 31 and on his way out. You’ll have a lot more fun watching Memphis Depay and Wayne Rooney ripping it up next year for the Red Devils. Honest.”

Was that a good job at cheering up an inconsolable youngster?

Anyway, fans in Turkey have been donating money in an online petition to buy this youngster and his family a plane ticket to see RVP play for Fenerbache next season. The global soccer community understands his pain, and for that, we salute them. Because, let’s face it, the club we support have all sold one of our favorite players at one time or another, right?