Real Madrid remain most valuable team in sports for third-straight year


Forbes have released their yearly list of the top 50 most valuable sports teams on the planet, and for the third-straight year Real Madrid lead the way.

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The Spanish giants have an estimated value of $3.26 billion, which puts them ahead of the Dallas Cowboys in second and the New York Yankkes in third who are both valued at $3.20 billion. Real’s value has actually decreased by five percent but they are still out on top. Their bitter rivals, and reigning European champions, Barcelona, come in fourth with a value of $3.16 billion, while Manchester United round out the top five with a value of $3.10 billion.

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Other Premier League sides in the top 50 include Manchester City who are at 29 with a valuation of $1.39 billion, Chelsea in 31st with a valuation of $1.37 billion and Arsenal in 36th-place with at $1.31 billion.

Below is a look at the top 10 most valuable sports franchises on the planet. Talk about U.S. domination, right?

Top 10 most valuable sports teams in the world

1. Real Madrid – $3.26 billion
2. Dallas Cowboys – $3.2 billion
2. New York Yankees – $3.2 billion
4. Barcelona – $3.16 billion
5. Manchester United – $3.10 billion
6. Los Angeles Lakers – $2.6 billion
6. New England Patriots – $2.6 billion
8. New York Knicks – $2.5 billion
9. Los Angeles Dodgers – $2.4 billion
9. Washington Redskins – $2.4 billion