Ex-CONCACAF exec’s bail: cars, real estate, watches and a lot of his wife’s jewelry

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Disgraced ex-CONCACAF head Jeffrey Webb had to put up a number of luxury belongings in order to pay his $10 million bail to the FBI.

Now under house arrest in New York, the Cayman Islands native put together a fancy list of goods to get out of jail.

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Among them:

– a 2015 Ferrari
– a 2014 Range Rover
– a 2003 Mercedes Benz
– his wife’s wedding ring
– five Rolex watches
– six other luxury watches
– 10 real estate properties
– his wife’s partnership equity in a company
– a variety of his wife’s luxury jewelry

Let’s replay Webb’s side of an imagined conversation with his wife:

“Honey, I need some stuff to get out of jail. Uh huh. Yeah, nothing too big. Some of the cars. Uh, maybe a dozen of my watches… Your wedding ring.”

Probably went well.

Who’s Webb again? For your consideration:

From the Associated Press:

Jeffrey Webb, a citizen of the Cayman Islands who has a home in Georgia, was arrested in Switzerland in May and extradited to the United States. He pleaded not guilty Saturday to racketeering and bribery charges, part of an indictment of nine soccer officials and five marketing executives alleging a $150 million bribery and kickback scheme. Four others have pleaded guilty.

As a condition of his bond, he must reside within 20 miles of U.S. District Court in Brooklyn and is paying for electronic monitoring and home detention. He agreed not to associate with FIFA, CONCACAF, South America’s governing body or any of his co-defendants and co-conspirators. Webb and his wife also agreed to surrender all of their passports.

For fun, I headed back to a conference call with Webb in May 2014. In retrospect, it’s pretty funny to hear him talk about “investing” in the Gold Cup and how broadcasting is a big part of the tournament’s success. By success, perhaps he meant the “bribery and kickback scheme” mentioned above.