VIDEO: Blatter storms out of FIFA presser as comedian throws money at him


Sepp Blatter stormed out of a FIFA news conference in Zurich as an intruder ran into the media room and flung money in the air which rained down on the outgoing FIFA president.

Blatter then said: “we have to clean here first,” meaning the room, not FIFA, before walking out of the press conference as he spoke for the first time since announcing his resignation as president.

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It was announced earlier on Monday that the successor to Blatter, 79, will be voted in on Feb. 26, 2016, as the 17-year leader of world soccer’s governing body decided to resign last month following the hugely damaging corruption scandal which has brought the organization to its knees.

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Blatter was confronted by British comedian Simon Brodkin, who plays a popular character Lee Nelson on British TV and threw money at Blatter as he was being led away by security. Brodkin also intruded Kanye West’s stage during a concert in England earlier this summer.

Watch the incredible scenes above, as Blatter isn’t quite sure what to do as the fake notes fall on top of him from a great height.


Blatter then returned to the press conference after Brodkin was removed and had the following slightly bizarre anecdote to share with the assembled media:

“I just called my late mother and she said don’t worry, its lack of education.”