CONCACAF statement: Officiating errors impacted the outcome of semifinal match


The officiating at the 2015 Gold Cup has been a hot topic, and now CONCACAF is admitting that mistakes have been made.

Mexico’s semifinal win over Panama was overshadowed by a red card, a questionable penalty call and violent behavior from both players and fans.

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The officials had to be escorted from the field under a veil of security guards as players rushed at the referees as they were pelted with drinks and garbage from the fans.

Below is a brief statement released by CONCACAF President Alfredo Hawit:

We met with both the Referee Department leadership and referee Mark Geiger. Mr. Geiger, one of the best regarded referees in the region with vast international experience and a proven track record, accepted that officiating errors had been made during Wednesday’s match and that these impacted the outcome of the game. We at CONCACAF regret these circumstances but accept that such human errors are part of the game.

Hawit did not explain which exact mistakes were made, but you can take your pick of the litter as Geiger had himself a real tough day at the Georgia Dome.

Despite admitting that poor calls were made that directly impacted the outcome of the match, the Professional Referee Organization came out in support of Geiger, saying his status would not be affected by the fiasco.

With so much talk of corruption in world football and CONCACAF specifically, many people have been eluding to more than “human error” for some questionable calls at the Gold Cup. However, coming out and admitting mistakes were made is a step in the right direction.