Dozens of Aberdeen fans made the “longest trip in European club football history”


What’s 5,000 or so miles amongst fans?

Several dozen Aberdeen fans made what’s been tabbed the longest European road trip in club history, as the Scottish club faced an away leg in FC Kairat Almaty of Kazakhstan.

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Unfortunately for the reported 65 fans who made the hike, Aberdeen fell 2-1 in the first leg of their Europa League tie, though they did get what could turn out to be a critical away goal come next Thursday in Scotland.

Google Maps says the trip is under 5,000, should you choose to drive. You wouldn’t choose to drive. You’d fly.

From Who Ate All The Pies:

As for the aforementioned journey, the Dons ended up chartering themselves a private jet to make the gargantuan 3,415-mile trip out to Almaty (the plane reportedly cost the Scottish club £200,000 to hire – twice the amount they would have received in UEFA prize money had they actually won the game).

To put that distance in perspective, Aberdeen is actually closer to New York, the North Pole and the southernmost limit of the Sahara desert than it is to Almaty as the crow flies.

Having travelled some 6,830 miles and paid £3,000 for their flights, at least those fans can console themselves that while Aberdeen are kicking off their SPL campaign on Sunday with another away fixture, it’s only against Dundee United – a mere 70-mile pootle down the road.

The love of sport is, at times, just bananas. Cheers to these Aberdeen fans, and here’s hoping for a second leg win.

Unless, of course, 100 Almaty fans wind up in Scotland.