Cristiano Ronaldo tops list as world’s most charitable athlete


Everyone knows that Cristiano Ronaldo has a whole lot of cash.

He reportedly raked in around $60 million last year, and recently bought his agent a Greek island as a wedding gift.

While today he shelled out $18.5 million for a posh loft in the Trump Tower in New York City, not all of his money is going towards living the high life.

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According to, Ronaldo finds himself atop the list of most charitable athletes in the world, beating out WWE Superstar John Cena and world number one tennis player Serena Williams. Brazil and Barcelona’s Neymar is fifth on the list.

The Real Madrid star paid more than $80,000 for a young child’s brain surgery, donated $165,000 to build a cancer center in Portugal, and flew to Indonesia to help raise money and awareness following a deadly tsunami, among many other wonderful things.

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Ronaldo is always in the headlines for his play, but rarely for the charitable work he does off the pitch. In a time when a lot of athletes catch a bad rap for their actions and behavior away from the game, it’s good to see Ronaldo giving back.